Richard Lindberg


Richard focuses on strategy, business development, partner relations and recruitment. He is a Swedish serial entrepreneur, having co-founded the VC-funded start-up Conveneer with locations in Silicon Valley, Tokyo and Seoul prior to an exit in 2009. Richard also founded the non-profit Congress for Environmental Advancement (CEA) in 2009 with the mission to broaden the appeal of Sustainability to university students. In 2014 CEA transitioned into an Impact Investing advisory practice, based in London. ​ Richard is also an advisor to electric car company Uniti and a speaker and consultant in areas of social entrepreneurship and impact investing. Richard holds several degrees from Lund University, including a MSc. in Business and Economics, a Master of European Affairs and a bachelor level certificate in Peace and Conflict studies.


Johan van As


Johan focuses on commercial partnerships and community growth. He brings 10 years of experience at Maersk Group, a global conglomerate active in oil, gas and shipping to the team. At Maersk, Johan served as a personal aide to the group CEO, as Managing Director of a joint venture in Indonesia, as global manager of the graduate recruitment and development programme and as a Business Analyst on the Business Development team of Maersk Line's Global HQ, working on business cases and capital allocation (investment/divestment/M&A) decisions in the 100m-2bn range. Johan holds a MSc. in International Business studies from the University of Maastricht (the Netherlands). Besides this he has a Certificate in Ecological Horticulture and Sustainable Food Systems from the University of California at Santa Cruz (USA) and has completed postgraduate studies in Ecology and Sustainability at Schumacher College (UK). Particularly interested in Systems and Complexity Science, he sees these as a crucially important tool in addressing the most "wicked" challenges of our age - Climate Change above all


Srinivas Gaddam

Mobile App Developer

Srinivas Gaddam works on Mobile Application Development at One Planet Rating. He holds a Master’s degree in Signal Processing from Blekinge Tekniska Högskola, Sweden. He also has expertise in front end web development and is passionate about website design and game development, for example digital graphics, animations, sounds and image editing. ​ Srinivas likes outdoor sports like swimming and like many others at One Planet Rating spends most of the time traveling.


Prathik Sunkara

UX/UI Designer

Prathik focuses on User Experience and User Interface of OPR. He has a Master Degree in signal processing from Blekinge Institute of Technology. His objective is to plan and create seamless user experiences. He likes to create smart, visually attractive, and user friendly interactive solutions for web and mobile. He aims for cutting-edge interfaces through a user-centric design process by constructing screen flows, wireframes and prototypes, which he tests on users. ​ Prathik works with online and graphic design, constantly improving his skills and keeping up with new trends and technologies. ​ Prathik loves to explore new places and capture those memories through pictures. He spends most of the time researching and designing new creative ideas.


Krishna Teja Velugubantla

Mobile App Developer

Krishna works with mobile app development at OPR in Stockholm. He holds a Master’s degree in Signal Processing from Blekinge Tekniska Högskola, Sweden. ​ Krishna Teja has a wealth of experience in working with Html, Css, JavaScript, JQuery, React js, React native and is proving to be a natural project leader at OPR. ​ In his free time you find Krishna playing Polo and on the shooting range. He also a huge movie buff across multiple genres and is now also learning Swedish.

Frost Logo


App Development

Frost is OPR's main product development partner. ​ Frost builds mobile apps and web solutions with focus on user experience and technical craftsmanship. Frost strives to make a difference and mainly work with concepts within e-health, environment and education.


Avinash Kiran Ivvala

Platform Security

Avinash is a computer science graduate student from Blekinge Institute of Technology, Sweden. He has done his bachelor's in computer science at JNTU Kakinada, India. His passion lies in security-related topics, in for example cloud computing. Until recently, he was working on his master’s thesis, which focuses on cloud security against DoS and DDoS attacks, studying the features and functioning of Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems in maintaining the security of Cloud Computing. As a Security Software Developer at OPR, he focuses on securing the OPR Platform In a cloud environment. Avinash believes in adding life to days and not days to life. He travels a lot and loves packing memorable moments of the journey.


Navya Lingampalli

Front End Developer

Navya is a full stack developer, currently focussing on Front end development at One Planet Rating. She has a technical background with several years working with Frontend technologies such as HTML, CSS, Angular JS and backend technologies include JAVA and Python. She has a Master's degree in Software engineering from Blekinge Institute of Technology, Karlskrona, Sweden. She is an enthusiastic learner and loves to face new challenges. She is a big believer in passion for the profession rather than just about making money in order to unlock the highest levels of achievement . Navya loves exploring new places, meeting new people of different cultures and traditions and has an immense love towards music.


Pruthvi Venkatesh Gatti

Front/Back End Developer

Pruthvi is a Frontend and Backend Developer at One Planet Rating. He holds a Master's degree in Electrical Engineering with emphasis on Signal Processing from Blekinge Tekniska Högskola, Sweden and Bachelor's degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering from JNTU, Kakinada. ​ He is a certified c, c++, Java, Python Professional and has experience in working with Frontend technologies such as HTML, CSS and Angular JS. Open-minded, curious and diligent, he likes to take on difficult tasks. ​ Pruthvi loves travelling to new places and interacting with different kind of people when he isn't busy dominating in Badminton.


Efe De Hoyos

Growth Hacking & Analytics

Efe is working with growth hacking and analytics but has a long list of skills up his sleeve. He has a deep technical background with 10+ years experience in the Stockholm IT scene. His last job was as a NOC Engineer maintaining and monitoring an online payment platform processing USD 30bn a year in 90 different currencies. Before that he was part of the process of growing a startup in the VoIP sector from zero to 20m users and profitability. He loves solving complex problems with creative and effective solutions. ​ He quit his dayjob to dedicate his life fully to travel, volunteering and focusing on sustainability on his own entrepreneurial endeavors. He has traveled extensively across 50+ countries and has lived and worked in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Sweden and Mexico. He speaks fluent English, Spanish and Swedish. ​ In his spare time, Efe is a wildlife photographer and aspiring documentary filmmaker. He is also the biggest Nintendo geek there is, so feel free to challenge him to a round of Mario Kart.


Massimiliano Donadio

Marketing, Comm. & Partnerships

Massimiliano works with Marketing and Communications, with particular experience in the development and management of Social Media Marketing strategies and activities. ​ After his international academic experiences in Italy, Australia and the US, he decided to develop his interest in marketing, branding and digital business by pursuing a Master in Brand and Communications Management at Copenhagen Business School, where he is currently enrolled. ​ Massimiliano loves healthy activities that allow him to be close to nature, such as surfing, saling and mountainbiking. He also plays for the CBS Basketball team.


Fareem Chagla

Content & Marketing

Fareem works within the content and marketing team. He’s worked primarily within research and has over the last couple of years focused on a career in writing. He’s developed an interest for the field of digital marketing and is a firm believer in quality content to set your business apart. He’s completed a post graduate diploma in business management in addition to a master’s degree in commerce. In his spare time, he is trying to learn Swedish. Extremely fond of animals with a whole load of pets back in India. Believes this world is as much theirs as it’s ours. Other interests include reading, a game of scrabble and more recently cooking.


Alisa Vladimiro

Marketing & Communications

Alisa works in the Marketing and Communications team focusing on business development and growth. She brings on board her expertise in the fields of client success and digital media along with her passion for travel and curiosity about human nature. ​ Alisa holds an MA in Social Sciences from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem and has years of experience in marketing and account management, working for leading Israeli startups such as Taptica. Alisa uses her strong analytical approach and business acument to develop and nurture partner relationships. ​ When outside of work Alisa can be seen baking delicious chocolate brownies or jogging in the park, to make room for more brownies.


Ritika Jain

Model & Impact

Ritika focuses on building OPR's rating model and impact work. She is based in Lund, Sweden and holds a Masters in Environmental Science, Policy and Management (MESPOM) from IIIEE at Lund university. In addition, she has done her engineering in Biotechnology from New Delhi, India. Ritika describes herself as a travel enthusiast and a happy-vegetarian. She is passionate about working with youth initiatives on sustainable development goals and aims to work with sustainability in the business world. She has been a part of several NGOs in India that promote responsible consumerism and organic food. She enjoys learning about new cultures and reading in her spare time.


Rahul Mohan

Community Growth & Management

Rahul focuses on community growth and management at OPR. He holds a Master Degree in General Management from Jönköping University, Sweden and Bachelors in Civil Engineering from Anna University, India. He has valuable working experience in the field of overall management, estimation, administration and human resource activities in countries such as India, U.A.E and Sweden. He has worked for several non profitable organizations such as Cykelköket, Aiesec, Ironman and also manages the operations of a school in India which offers free education to children. Rahul is passionate about environmental protection and considers himself as a nature guy. ​


Vinay Kanth Devu

Back end Developer

Vinay Kanth deals with backend development and database administration at OPR. Committed and hardworking, Vinay is a certified programming developer and has hands-on experience in Java, Python, C, C++ as well as front-end technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and AngularJS. Subtle and fun loving, Vinay likes to spend most of his time traveling and connecting with nature. ​


Sujit Kadimisetti

Front end developer

Sujit works with frontend development at One Planet Rating. He also has experience in backend Technologies including Java and Python. as well testing and deployment. He has Master's Degree in Signal Processing from Blekinge Institute of Technology, Karlskrona, Sweden. He enjoys team work and can take advantage of a multi-disciplinary research environment. Sujit loves exploring new places and interacting with different people. His favorite hobbies are playing Table tennis and Badminton. ​


Georgi Gushlekov

Impact & NGO partnerships

Georgi directs his efforts into developing the Impact aspect of OPR as well as NGO partnerships. He holds a Master of Arts in Geography and International Relations from the University of Aberdeen. He is currently progressing through a Master of Science in Sustainable Development from Uppsala University. Georgi’s interests vary from mountain biking to the culinary arts. However, professionally he believes in active travel solutions and the proliferation of environmental education. He aspires to one day transfer his accumulated knowledge back to his homeland – Bulgaria. ​