NGO Partnerships with One Planet Rating


Amplify your Reach, Funding and Impact through One Planet Rating and our focus on sustainable travel and tourism. Sustainable travel is going to change the face of the travel sector which will put added spotlight on the fantastic and vital work NGO's conduct around the world, be it campaigns to ban straws, reduce plastic, advocate for fair pay schemes or protect the local heritage.

We connect and work with travelers and impact leaders around the world, an audience that is looking for causes to support, through time or money. 

One Planet Rating is the ultimate discovery platform in the sector, a way for travelers to discover what NGO's are working on the issues they rate on the platform.

Some of the benefits of working with One Planet Rating;

  • Increase visibility for your cause and ongoing activities
  • Get access to large pool of highly motivated travelers and users
  • Run awareness and fundraising campaigns in selected geographies
  • Participate in content collaboration
  • Data driven insights and global reach

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to learn more about collaboration possibilities ranging from blog features, social media mentions or tailored campaigns around specific issues that you work with, where we, if desired, could bring in partners from the hospitality sector to further boost your work.