Corporate Partnerships with One Planet Rating


One Planet Rating is leading the charge towards a sustainable travel and tourism market and provides forward thinking businesses with a cost effective and powerful marketing channel to engage in a direct, deep, honest relationship with a highly motivated global audience.

We connect and work with travelers and impact leaders around the world, an audience that is looking for authentic experiences, innovative products and services and the brands that cater to their desires.  

Our target audience around the world, roughly 20-30 % of the adult population, are interested or concerned in sustainability/lifestyle related issues. They typically spend more, talk more and stay longer when on vacation and represent a growing and valuable customer segment that we reach via our platform, social media and our network of influencers and partners. They are also prepared to pay more for an experience that is aligned with their personal values.

One Planet Rating is the ultimate discovery platform in the sector, the natural meeting point between travelers and brands that need to be part of the sustainability revolution. We work with hotels, cities, restaurants, travel companies but also multinationals that in some way are connected to the issues rateable on the platform, for example plastics, food, transport, sustainable cities and more. Check our campaigns page to see which campaigns we currently run or plan and join us to create more positive impact.

Some of the benefits of working with One Planet Rating;
  • Increase visibility
  • Bolster your brand
  • Gain new highly motivated customers by engaging in our upcoming loyalty program
  • Accelerate positive impact around the world
  • Data driven insights and global reach

Contact Us

Contact us to learn more about collaboration possibilities ranging from blog features, social media mentions or tailored campaigns around specific topics on the sustainability palette.

If you're a hotel, city, restaurant, travel activity or museum contact us and see how you can claim your page on the platform for a direct two way dialogue with our users and a completely new marketing channel to reach sustainability crowd.