One Planet Rating is leading the charge towards a sustainable travel and tourism market and is the perfect channel for cities and regions to reach and attract the new type of traveler, the sustainable traveler. Sustainability is fast becoming a competitive edge and cities wanting to stay attractive for future travelers need to be vocal about their efforts in this field. Inaugurating new cycle paths or no-emissions zones? Do you want to promote new sustainable destinations within your city or region, perhaps to alleviate over tourism? Let the world know through One Planet Rating.

We connect and work with travelers and impact leaders around the world, an audience that is looking for authentic experiences, innovative cities and brands that cater to their desires and lifestyles.  

Our target audience around the world, roughly 20-30 % of the adult population, are interested or concerned in sustainability/lifestyle related issues. They typically spend more, talk more and stay longer when on vacation and represent a growing and valuable customer segment that we reach via our platform, social media and our network of influencers and partners. They are also prepared to pay more for an experience that is aligned with their personal values.

One Planet Rating provides cities with valuable insights from our constantly updated feedback data. If you implement sustainability changes in your city our users (local citizens and tourists) will review it for near instant feedback. Fast turnover from implementation of new service to responding to feedback is a key ingredient in the balance to keep attracting tourists and keeping locals happy. One Planet Rating's platform is furthermore geared to capture feedback from groups that are normally not heard of for even better accuracy and sustainable change.

One Planet Rating partners with host cities to run campaigns on topical issues like plastics, food, transport, sustainable cities and more. We bring in partners from the NGO and corporate sectors and run both online and offline marketing for optimal exposure for host cities involved. Check our campaigns page to see which campaigns we currently run or plan and join us to create more positive impact.

Some of the benefits of working with One Planet Rating;
  • Increase visibility for you city/region brand through promotions
  • Attract a highly valuable customer segment
  • Combat over tourism and promote new sustainable destinations in your city or region
  • Accelerate positive impact in your city or region
  • Data driven insights and global reach

Contact Us

to learn more about collaboration possibilities ranging from blog features, social media mentions or tailored campaigns around specific topics on the sustainability palette.

If you're a hotel, city, restaurant, travel activity or museum contact us and see how you can claim your page on the platform for a direct two way dialogue with our users and a completely new marketing channel to reach the sustainability crowd.