Valerie Hernandez

Mexico City

Hi, I am a music journalist and photographer living in Mexico City. I also write for different digital and printed media. I love traveling and telling stories. Some of my proudest achievements are finishing my first novel and going on tour every summer on the Vans Warped Tour. OPR is one of the best travel platforms I've used because it's not just another review on the Internet or a complaint about poor service or experience. It is something more. It's about making a difference. Right now, is very trendy to travel and with everything that is happening with our planet and the environment, the best we can do is travel sustainably and without continuing the damage that being a simple tourist makes to the world.


Ting-Yu Wang


My name is Ting-Yu Wang, and I am a current Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts student with Biology and Environmental and Resource Economics majors at the University of Sydney. I am passionate about anything that is biology and environment related. I love volunteering in my spare times, and enjoy learning more about the natural world. I wanted to be an OPR Ambassador because, as one of the largest industries in the world, tourism has the best ability to promote a sustainable impact around the world. Through OPR, sustainable travel can help nurture a better world shared by both people and animals.


Amandine Guilbault


My name is Amandine and I study at ESSEC Business School in Singapore. I was born and raised in France, but my wanderlust pushed me outside of my comfort zone - in Asia. I have always loved traveling, but this passion exploded here. What I love about traveling is the beauty of nature and the richness of the culture. However, the impact of tourism is real and visible here in Asia, and I wanted to find a better way to travel. One Planet Rating promotes sustainable tourism, and value environmental, social and cultural issues. I am proud to be OPR’s first Ambassador in Singapore.


Osama Damati


"Hey, my name is Osama Damati and I’ve recently graduated from the American University of Sharjah (AUS) with a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering. I am extremely proud of working alongside several departments at AUS including the Community Services department, Library, and the Sustainability Office to help bring about a positive change and inspire action within our community. I joined OPR as their Ambassador in Dubai because I truly stand for everything they stand for, and I enjoy being a part of an international team in efforts in voicing sustainable travel as well as making the travel sector a force for good. Also, with Dubai's growing ambition in becoming a leader in sustainability and clean-safe innovations, lots of changes and innovations are taking place in this region and being a representative in Dubai gave me the opportunity to share this city’s journey in becoming a global success merging economic growth, sustainability, and clean environment".


Roxana Macias


My name is Roxana Macias, I am native from Mexico but currently living in Paris. I have a bachelor degree in International Relations and I possess an international background as an exchange student in The Netherlands. I have a wealth of experience from the NGO sector, the academic field and the corporate social responsibility field in the business sector. Although, I was working and progressing with my professional life I was not pleased with what I was doing. So, I decided to move forward and modify my professional path for something that combines both of my two passions: travel and taking care of the planet. I still needed to get more knowledge about climate change. So, one of the main reason that motivated me to come to France, was everything what I know about the French environmental achievements. After arriving in France, I get to know One Planet Rating and I decided to become an ambassador. Currently, I am working on my own project, that has the intention to motivate people to consume sustainably and reduce their waste. I am also actively encouraging people to make more sustainable choices in their lifestyle.


Vinay Kumar

New Delhi

Hi, I am a Sustainable Development Professional with nine years of experience across the sustainable cotton production and non-profit sector. I have worked with retailer brands, suppliers & manufacturers to develop and implement sustainable sourcing strategies. Originally, I am a computer science student with a flair for sustainable development. Exploring new places, understanding various cultures include my hobbies & interests and I believe in the core vales of OPR in promoting travel that ultimately makes a positive impact on local communities, wildlife, and the environment.


Shireen Ariefdien

Cape Town

I am Shireen Ariefdien. I hold a Bachelor of Technology degree in Tourism Management from the Cape Peninsula University of Technology where I graduated in 2009. I am passionate about the tourism industry and the promotion of sustainable travel globally. I am staunch in the belief of sustaining world heritage, the environment and the economy for future generations. I joined OPR because I was intrigued by the efforts in enforcing the industry to conform to modern sustainable practices. I see OPR as a great platform to contribute to a "greener" way of travel.